Melissa Simon Hartman Story
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Letter to Melissa Simon Hartman aka Wonder Woman I have been writing this article for about ten months—almost a year–and I am not proud of it. I call it a letter to Melissa, because it’s an apology and a tribute … Read More

Bridging the Culture Gap
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Lorna Bridging the Culture Gap”   When Lorna Shelton-Black decided to leave Jamaica and come to the United States for college at 18 years old, she packed up her Jamaican culture in her suitcase and carried it along with her.  Among … Read More

The Beautiful Festival We All Love Called “CARNIVAL”
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The full short documentary– Ol’ Time Carnival–Come Again!   The Toronto Caribbean Carnival was a gift From Trinidad and Tobago. Its origins can be traced back to Africa. Watch for more on this amazing culture that we love so much! Creator … Read More

Natasha Marshall:My Passion for Fashion
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Designer Natasha Marshall:  My Story, The Passion, The Joy. Hello NNJM Design Fans, Let’s Talk a Little About Me and Fashion!   I believe I was destined to work in the fashion industry at a very young age. At four years … Read More

Doshynko Carnival Designs
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I just would like to say this: Looking back to January 2016 when I just started looking for talents in the Caribbean Carnival culture, my second contact was Doshynko Sullivan. After explaining to him what I would like to do … Read More

Exploring Carnival Mas in the US
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  Michelle  experiences, the history in U.S Mas Band through one of her favorite escapades, CARNIVAL  !!!!!!!! Carnival for me has always been a great experience . I was born in Jamaica, but spent the majority of my life growing up in … Read More

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