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Melissa Simon Hartman Story

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Letter to Melissa Simon Hartman aka Wonder Woman I have been writing this article for about ten months—almost a year–and I am not proud of it. I call it a letter to Melissa, because it’s an apology and a tribute … Read More

I once loved a broken man

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By Sr Editor ~ Constance Nicole – Connie Spruill Brought face to face with his brokenness he hated me  And Because I believed the whole lies I would have born his burden.  He would have let me.  I once loved a broken man … Read More

These women who MIGHT have loved me

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By Sr Editor ~ Constance Nicole – Connie Spruill These women who might have loved me have all gone away The ones who might have loved me for me no matter what they’ve all gone away These wailing women these praying women cussing … Read More

Hello friends!

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Hello friends! Today I’m going to share with you what “healthy living” means to me. There are many things that are involved in creating a healthy lifestyle. The first part consists of having a healthy relationship with yourself. A great … Read More