Carnival in the UK

Caribbean Carnival in the UK:

Many prominent cities in the UK with significant Caribbean immigrant population have been organizing Caribbean Carnivals for many years now. In 1972, some Caribbean immigrants threw an impromptu carnival in the streets of their neighborhood in Manchester. This became what is now considered the first Manchester Caribbean Carnival. This carnival has been northwest UK's most vibrant and largest celebration of Caribbean music, dance, and culture for over forty years.

Birmingham hosts a biennial Caribbean Carnival open to all which begins with a colorful procession from Handsworth Park and ends at Perry Park. A Carnival Queen is chosen to lead the procession, who would be the face of the carnival for the next two years. A masquerade parade and live music are the staple attractions of the Birmingham Carnival.

Since 1985, every year on the first Saturday in August, the community of Leicester has been organizing the Leicester Caribbean Carnival with a carnival procession that mainly starts in the city center and culminates in Victoria Park.

The largest street festival in Europe is the Notting Hill Caribbean Carnival that started in 1964 and is organized every year over the August Bank Holiday weekend. In the very first year, steel band musicians who played in the Earl's Court of London took part in the fanfare. Masquerade is a popular tradition in this carnival where people dress up in colonial European costumes and wear white masks.
Held for the first time in August 1967, the Leeds Carnival was the first formally organized Caribbean Carnival in Europe. Steel bands and Soca music are the highlights of this carnival.

United Kingdom Caribbean  Carnivals 

At the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival held over a weekend, entertainment for the entire family is guaranteed. Live performances on the main stage are held simultaneously with workshops and funfair activities at the carnival site followed by the parade on Sunday. Strong crowds of up to 30,000 have been registered at this carnival over the year, held at The Embankment in the Meadows.